A new week and new lockouts.

Well, in Azeroth, at least. Since it was Tuesday, that means maintenance, and that raid locks are over for the week! Woo! I did almost all the Cata raids today and got a bunch of gold. Gold that I’ll probably spend on upgrading stuff in the garrison. I still have a few things to go. I suppose that I should look into unlocking the pet menagerie at some point, as well. Besides the raids, I did a couple quests today. That seems like not a lot, but it took a bit of time to do all that. That’s all I’ve done so far today as far as, well, anything goes, I guess. It’s been a pretty quiet day. 


Not sure if I’ll do anything else tonight. It’s getting kinda late, so…maybe not. I’m not sure. I ended up not doing anything last night, if I remember correctly. And the same will probably hold true for tonight, as well. Maybe I’ll watch some wrestling or something. I did get mostly caught back up on current WWE stuff. I just have to watch this past Monday’s Raw still, and then I’ll be all set.


There have been a couple people on Twitter that have aggrivated me today. Nothing that I actually replied over, of course, but it was aggrivating, none the less. Sometimes I wish I could just speak up instead of clamming up, but I’m not good at that. You’d think that hiding behind a screen would be good enough, but it’s not. I guess because I actually don’t really hide behind my user name? Maybe I’m just not as big of an asshole as I think? Or that I want to be? I don’t know. I just know that there have been better days in Twitterland for me than today. Maybe I should start unfollowing people.


Anyways, I think that’s all I have for now.