Something of a slow day today.

At least it seems like it, but every time I check the clock, like an hour has passed. I haven’t done much gaming again so far today. Just my garrison stuff in WoW, and I checked to see who had control of Tol Barad. Of course, the map said Alliance, but when I got there, it said the Horde had control. Apparently it’s more like Wintergrasp than I thought. Heh. Really, besides that all I’ve done today besides flitting around the web a bit and staring off into space is go to the gas station. Not exciting, I know. 


I would like to do some gaming today, so I should probably figure out what to play. Of course, I’m really bad at that. Also, I’m a week behind on my WWE watching, I haven’t watched last week’s Raw or Smackdown yet. I should probably get on that before I get too far behind, especially since it’s Monday again, and Raw is on. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.


I’m also on the fence about posting a Final Doom LP on SA or just putting it up on YouTube like I did the other two. I mean, the WoW Leveling one will probably be just a YouTube thing anyways. Of course, I really don’t get views that way, but I don’t know. I kinda feel like they’re pretty picky now, and my lacidasical approach to commentary might not go over very well. Oh well, I have plenty of time to decide. 


Well, off I go for now, to stare at my desktop and decide what game to play. Or what to uninstall and replace with something else to play from my Steam list. Or something like that.