Some gaming and some other stuff today.

It’s been kinda a long day today. Again, I was hoping that I would get the truck back today, but that still didn’t happen. Supposedly, it will be done tomorrow morning. I’ll believe it when I see it. We did a bit of running around today, and at one point we went to go try to fill Cable’s perscriptions. Of course, they had to tell us it would be an hour, instead of like the usual 10-15 minutes. So we had to leave and come back. And then, when we went back and tried to get it, we found out that the insurance was gone. Of course, without insurance, perscriptions are retardedly expensive, since they can be. It was going to be over $750, and there was no way that was happening. Turns out that his mom had finalized her divorce, and that made the insurance go away. It was really nice of her not to bother to tell us about this. Last I knew, it was still going to be a little while, but I guess that changed. meds for now. He’s supposed to call the clinic tomorrow and see if he can get something worked out, but I doubt it will be in time. You see, he was supposed to turn himself in today for the warrant that had been issued for breaking probation when he got kicked out of the treatment program. It should be happening tomorrow now. I suppose that depends on what the clinic says, but we will see. I mean, if it’s only going to be a couple days, that’s not a big deal, but if it’s going to be longer, I can’t let him put it off forever. So…I dunno. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s excitement, I suppose.


Besides that, I did a little bit of gaming today, just WoW so far, though. I did my garrison stuff as I always do. It turns out, however, that I don’t have to do that dumbly long questline to get into Firelands. I went in there, but I didn’t realize right away that it was 25 man instead of 10 man. I ended up getting splattered on the third boss. If it had been 10 man, I may not have had a problem. I would even say probably not, but who knows, I suppose. I’ll find out sometime after the raid locks are reset tomorrow. 


One thing that I forgot to mention that I’m kinda excited about, is that there’s a new version of Oblige, the random level generator for Doom. I’m looking forward to playing with it and whipping up some levels. Not that I really need more levels, but then, why wouldn’t I? Hehe.


I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening yet. I may try to make another city in Skylines. Or maybe play something else. I know I want to get some gaming in tonight, I’m just not sure in what yet. I’ll figure it out eventually.