More Warcrafting!

Cable and I spent the whole day playing WoW. I did my Firelands dailies and we ran all the Heroic dungeons except for Skyreach, because fuck Skyreach. Got the Cores turned in to Khadgar, and now we have to go to Auchidon again to get something else. Too bad there’s a horrible boss fight in there. Should be able to clear it, though. We will see. There was no other gaming besides that, since we were in WoW all day. I may do some gaming tonight, but I need a few minutes break first. We had a horrible healer in Grimrail Depot for a while, they ended up getting kicked, but while we were there, I had to do a bunch of healing myself, just because that was the only way we could progress. We got through it, but it was a lot harder than it should have been. But anyways, that’s over now. We shall see what comes next. 


So, what will I do tonight? I’m not sure yet. Maybe some Wolfenstein or maybe Cities: Skylines. Or maybe something else altogether. I know that once mid-April hits, I’ll be spending a whole bunch of time playing GTA V. Guess I should get some good gaming in before then. Hehe.


As a side note, I really hope I get the truck back tomorrow.