A bit of gaming.

So, I did a little more gaming tonight. I played Cities: Skylines for a little bit, but my city never really got off the ground. I think I got to around 700 people living there, but everyone hated the town, and eventually moved out. I had negative money for the second time, and that was after taking out a loan. I was pretty screwed. So, city one was a write-off. I guess I need to get better with my city planning or something like that. After that, I played the small indie game Pregnancy. It was kinda interesting. I found it a little humorous that the protagonist, Lilla, actually makes the opposite choice of what you’ve been steering her towards. I didn’t even get a full half hour of game time in, and I went through it twice. Of course, I really only needed to read most of it one time, so I suppose that cut the time down a bit. I think the gaming is over for the night, though, and now it’s time for some wrestling before bed.