Well, in WoW, at least. I played a whole bunch today. I got some quests done, did some old raid instances for some cash, finally finished the silver DPS proving ground and even bought some heirloom items for my Warlock for the leveling LP I plan on doing at some point. I also started the questline to open up Firelands, which I think is hella dumb. At least now I can go into Draenor heroics and get the next ring and get to the next set of legendary quests to eventually get the legendary ring. Also, I’d like to get Garona, the legendary follower. I suppose that’s a ways off still. Hopefully I will get there. Too bad it will all be for naught eventually. Oh well. At least I’m still having a good time. Well, mostly. I think all I really need still for my Warlock is to get her some decent bags, and that’s pretty cheap, so no sweat there. Besides that, I didn’t really do too much, and nothing else gaming wise.


I didn’t get the truck back today. I’m hoping tomorrow, but they’re only open half a day on Saturday. I won’t hold my breath, but it would be nice. If it’s not until Monday, that will mean the truck has been there for a week and blah to that. 


I think I’ll spend some time watching some wrestling or something for the rest of the night. I think. You never know. Heh.