A little bit of this, and not much of anything else.

Today was another day with not a whole lot of gaming. I played a bit of WoW today, but not a whole lot. While I was playing, however, I went and tried one of the Cataclysm raids, Blackwing Descent. I did a good job on it. The mobs hit a bit harder, but they still go down pretty fast. Too bad the Cata raids are probably the last ones I’ll be able to solo. At least for a couple years, until the next expansion comes out. Of course, that’s also assuming that I’m still playing then. I suppose we shall see.


I didn’t mention it yesterday, because I kinda forgot, but I actually got to play a little 7 Days To Die with Auren. Although, all we really did was go back to our base and plant some new furniture down. Not anything to really write home about. I think we were doing that for about half an hour, and that was it really. I don’t know if I can really count that as playing, but I suppose so.


I’m hoping that I get the truck back tomorrow. I would really like that, but who knows if that will happen. A man can dream.


Besides that, there’s not been too much going on today. I tried to watch a stream earlier today, but Twitch was being shitty. Oh well. Not sure if I’m going to be doing much anything tonight besides watching some wrestling. Probably not, usually if it’s this late at night, I don’t do much of anything if I haven’t already started it. That doesn’t mean always, though. We’ll see.