It’s been an interesting day.

So, I got a call at 11:30 this morning, before I was awake. It was Cable. Turns out, that he couldn’t control his temper and he got kicked out of the program for going off on somebody. It was only verbal, but it was apparently enough. So I had to go get him and bring him home. I’m not sure what will happen now. I can’t imagine that anything too good will happen, since his stay there was court ordered. I don’t know if they’ll wait and talk to him at his next probation appointment on Monday, or if they’ll put out a warrant and have the sheriff’s department come and get him, or what. I’ll probably suggest to him that he should call his probation officer tomorrow and see if he can find anything out. Oddly enough, he called the temp agency that he applied at a little while back, and they actually had a job for him, so he’s there right now. It’s not a permenant thing, right now it’s just when they need him when production is up, so he’ll have to call every day and see if he’s needed. 


Of course, this means that I haven’t gotten a chance to play any games yet today. I kinda want to, so maybe I’ll fire something up after I’m done with this. I don’t know what, though. Maybe I’ll work on TFT some more. I was also thinking about doing a test run of a few levels of one of the Final Doom wads, in case I decide to start recording those, which I might. We shall see.