Well now.

I ended up watching wrestling for a while, then I decided to fire up The Frozen Throne. I completed the bonus campaign and the Sentinels campaign. I may pick it up again tomorrow, but I am not positive. I may play something else. I may even record or stream. We shall see.


Also, I realized today that I forgot to pay the rent for this month. Oops! I went ahead and did that, though, so everything should be peachy again. I hope.


As you know, we sprung forward tonight. I really am not fond of Daylight Savings. Now I have to change all the clocks. Blah. Of course, that means that I stay up an hour later, technically, at least for tonight. I’ll get back on the regular schedule tomorrow. Of course, that means that it’s time for the meds and an hour of doing not too much. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


So, it’s been a pretty light and easy evening. Except for the few minutes of panic when I realized that I forgot to pay the rent. You’d think I would have remembered that. Details, I suppose.