A little bit of work.

Well, I haven’t played any games yet today, but I have been doing some web dev. I don’t know if I’ll actually use it, but it’s progressing nicely anyways. It’s really tempting, but I’m not sure that I can capture lightning in a bottle twice. It’s only an idea right now, and realistically, I’d like to talk to a few people about it before anything happens outside of my testing environment. We shall see. 


I guess I shouldn’t say that I haven’t played anything, but it’s essentially true. The only thing I’ve really done is logged into WoW and see if Wintergrasp has changed hands, and of course, it still hasn’t. I really wish the Alliance would do something about that. Oh well.


Beside my dicking around with that today, nothing else has really happened. That’s not a bad thing. Heh. And you’ll notice that I didn’t say that I would be hot and heavy into the gaming this weekend. Mainly because I knew there were some other things that I wanted to do. I will do some game playing today, I’m just not quite sure what or when. I’ll figure that out, though.