A little something for the day.

So, I logged in to WoW for a bit. I did my garrison stuff, and headed off to Northrend. I went to check Wintergrasp, and a short time, it told me the Alliance had control, but as I was flying towards the fortress, it switched and said the Horde had control. I don’t know why it did that. I guess I should have headed that way yesterday, when the buff was active. Maybe it would have flipped and said the Alliance had control. I have no idea. Anyways, I was only there to see if I could get into Vault of Archavon. I guess I’ll have to keep checking. Anyways, since I couldn’t do that, I went and did the two small Dragonshrine raids. I did Obsidian first, and I was well surprised, and well pleased, when I found out that a mount dropped for me! It was Reigns of The Black Drake. Apparently, according to WoWWiki, that happens whenever you do 10-man with all three drakes up still, but I sure don’t remember it dropping the first time that I did it. Maybe I just didn’t notice before? Anyways, it requires Artisan Riding, which I don’t have yet, so I guess I’m going to have to go and purchase that. It’s only 5000 gold, and I have more than enough to buy that and keep above my arbitrary limit of 22,000 gold. I’m actually getting close to 31,000 gold. I will tell you this, running raid instances is really good for the gold supply. Being able to get and sell all the drops will net you a nice amount of money, no matter which instance it is. Well, the small ones like the Dragonshrines don’t really have a whole lot that drops, but still, it’s nice to get more gold. Even though I’ve recorded all the Vanilla and Burning Crusade raid instances, I still plan to run at least some of them on a regular basis for that sweet, sweet gold. I’ll probably need it at some point for something or other, and I get a kick out of being able to solo old content. Now if only I could solo all of it, I would be in heaven. Hehe.


Anyways, it’s time to take my meds and wind down for the night, so I will end it here. Heh.