Early Wednesday playtime.

So, I did a couple Wrath raid instances tonight. I also did Heroic Halls Of Stone, so that I got the achievement for doing all the heroics in Wrath. That was kinda nice. I have to admit, I’ve been putting all my achievements on Twitter. It’s kinda fun, but I sure did get quite a few of them tonight. I kinda have the raid instance that I did figured out, at least somewhat. I should be able to record them without much problem. I had a pretty good time doing them. I have more to practice, but I will worry about them later. Of course, all the equipment that dropped is useless, but I did get a nice bit of gold out of them. I may even upgrade my flying before too long. I have to admit, Heroic HoS was kinda a pain all by myself, but I got it done. I think that maybe next week I will start recording the raid instances. Valut Of Archavon will be a little bit of a problem, though. It’s in Wintergrasp, and is only open when your faction has control of the area. For some reason, the Wintergrasp buff was active, but when I went in there, the Horde had control. I’m not sure how that worked, but details. I will keep checking it, and hopefully, I can catch it in a time when the Alliance has control. 


Anyways, that was my gaming for the night, I think. Unless I decide to play some 10,000,000 or something. I doubt that will happen, but you never know.