A lack of gaming, like I knew would happen.

Well, it’s Sunday night already. I didn’t do very much gaming today. Played a little bit of The Frozen Throne, but not much. I knew this would happen. Almost every time I say that I’m gonna game hard, it just doesn’t happen. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s just that I get down and don’t feel like gaming, or that I just get distracted. That does happen sometimes. I really do want to game more. Sometimes I just don’t know what to play, because I have so many going on. I really need to fix that, at least with the games that have endings. Or maybe I should just be less of a bitch, I don’t know. Also, I ended up not playing TFT last night, and recorded a little bit more. Now all I have left is Karazhan. I don’t really feel like doing that tonight, though. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. I also found out that the two video manipulation/editing programs that I have don’t support FLV, which is what Xsplit outputs. So, I either need to find one that does, or convert my files from FLV. I suppose converting will be easier, but then I have to find a way to do that. Nothing’s ever easy, of course. I suppose that I should get used to that fact. It’s either that, or I wait until after maintenance Tuesday and re-record those two instances. I suppose that will depend on how fast I get around to getting this all sorted out.


Just as a side note, I kinda miss running my own gaming community. Maybe someday I’ll bring back The Lost Haven.