A bit of ‘rasslin.

So, I still didn’t do a whole lot of gaming, but I did finish my new game of SLAMMED!. Unfortunately, I made a couple dumb mistakes at the end, and it cost me. Oh well. There’s always next time! I’m sure I’ll play through it again at some point. It’s not too long, and there’s still a lot of acheivements to be had. Not that I’m a much of an acheivement whore. It’s nice when I get them, and sometimes I play through things a couple times to get more, but I’ve only ever gone to the trouble of getting them all in Fallout: New Vegas, and I have all the Fallout 3 tropies on the PS3, except for the ones that came with the expansions. Anyways, that’s enough gaming for tonight, since it’s getting close to bedtime.