Some gaming today, but not a lot.

Well, I didn’t do nearly as much gaming as I would have liked today. I did do a couple things around the apartment, though, so I did get things accomplished. I played WoW for a while, and recorded some raid instances. Unfortunately, during two of them, I got interrupted by phone calls, so I get to learn video editing, at least a little bit, so that I can fix up my videos. I think I can deal with that. We shall see. Besides that, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on today. It’s frigging snowing again, which I do not like, and we’re supposed to get 3″-6″ by the end of well, today now, I suppose. Sunday, how about that? Heh. I suppose that I would have done more today, but I fell asleep in my chair for awhile today. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Of course, I had some weird dreams, and that probably wore me out a bit. Not like taking a nap is a bad thing, though it was kinda involuntary. Oh yeah! I finished off WC3 last night, so it’s time to move on to The Frozen Throne. I think I will play a little bit of that tonight, once I’m done with this. I’ll probably leave the video editing for tomorrow or maybe Monday. I will probably work on recording some more tomorrow. I have a few instances left to do, and I’m saving Karazhan for last, just because of the chess event. I’d like to do it the first time, like I did last time, but I don’t know that I can do it again so perfectly. I may end up editing that video, too. We will see, I suppose.