Some crafting of the War.

So, I got the Human campaign finished. I also did all of the Undead campaign. It was a pretty good time. Next up is the Orc campaign. That one should be pretty good, not that the others are bad. Heh. I do have to say that I was kinda hoping to play some Civ when Auren got online tonight, but he went and played Diablo III. I couldn’t play with him, because I don’t have a hardcore character that’s up to the level and difficulty that he is. I think I have the one character that’s like level 7 or something like that. I suppose I could go look, but it’s not that important. I could really use more friends to play games with, but being afraid of people makes it hard to make friends, even behind a screen. I guess it’s my lot in life to be disappointed and play most of my games alone. Cable, when he’s here, doesn’t play with me much, because the only game that we both have right now is WoW, and he’s been busy questing and trying to run dungeons. I just kinda hang around my garrison for the most part. I do some quests when they pop up, but not a whole lot. And I run the old raid instances, which I enjoy. I should work on recording in the next couple days. I think the only real thing I have to do soon is the grocery, though I do have some laundry to do, but that’s not so hard to work on between instances. Really, depending on how hard I work on it, it should only take me a couple days to record all the BC instances. I plan on running the Vanilla instances, as well, and checking out the other Wrath Of The Lich King instances, most of them at least. I’m not sure about Vault Of Archavon, since that’s in Wintergrasp, and you can only get into it when your faction has control. I don’t know of any good way, though, to find that out without just going in there. I suppose I will do that at some point. Of course, with my luck, the Horde will be in control. We shall see, I suppose. I don’t really have to worry about that for a while, though. I mean, I would like to run it once before I record it, but that may not be an option. I may just record my first run, since I know it will probably go alright. As for the BC raids, I’ll probably do Karazhan last, just so I don’t get frustrated before I get the others recorded. Should make for fun times. I really hope I can do that silly chess event again. 


In other gaming news, I found out that it would cost just under $2700 to buy up my whole Steam wishlist. Now if only I could come up with a winning lottery ticket or something. Heh. I doubt I’ll play anything tonight. I think I’ll just watch a little bit of wrestling and go to bed at the normal time, which is about an hour from now. I suppse I could play some 10,000,000. Each run is pretty short, so it goes by fast. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of matching games, and I get annoyed easily at it, because it’s so easy to not have the matching tiles that you need at the right time. I suppose that’s why I don’t play Bejeweled. Heh. 


Once again, I plan on spending the weekend gaming. Like, a lot of it, but I suppose we shall see if that actually happens. I always say that, and I always end up not doing it, or at least not as much as I want. I will say that I will probably have all my recording done by the end of the weekend, if for no other reason than I want the gold that selling off all the epics will provide. I have found that raid instances are good for that, at least, even if the gear is way outdated for me. Heh. Plus, I occasionally see something that I want to keep, but not too often. Anyways, it’s time for me to take my medicine and wind down for the night. Ciao.