Not much gaming so far.

So, I haven’t really done any gaming so far today. I did log on to WoW and do my garrison stuff. I also picked up a new garrison campaign quest that I will work on later. Also connected myself to Twitter in game and even sent out a screenshot, cropped of course. Sometimes it’s the little things. I did, however, get my chores done today, and I cleaned up over 130GB on my hard drive. Of course, one of my external drives is starting to get close to full, but the other one has plenty of space, so I’m not too worried right now. After I figure out dinner, I thought that I would sit down for a while and play some WC3. I’m almost to the end of the Human campaign, so I would really like to finish that off. Unfortunately for me, tomorrow is grocery day. I just hate that so much, but at least it will only take an hour or so. Still, sucks. Also, my copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came today! Now I just have to send back the Majora’s Mask that I accidentally received the first time. Of course, I’m not sure when I’ll get around to playing it. I have a copy of MH3U for the Wii U that I haven’t even opened yet. I suppose that I will get there at some point. Anyways, off to figure out what to eat tonight. I’m sure that I’ll be back later.