Still more Warcrafting.

So, I fired up WC3 again for a while tonight. I was able to complete the Hearthglen mission the second time, thankfully. I also did a couple more missions, but decided to stop for the night. Of course, now that I’m into the game, I feel a little guilty for playing something that I’ve already played through. Which I suppose is silly. Especially when you think that the LP’s that I want to do are of stuff I’ve played before. But that’s different, I guess. I think I might play a little bit of 10,000,000 and maybe some SLAMMED!, but I’m not sure about that one yet. It’s just an idea. Of course, that’s another game that I’m playing through again. At least it’s a bit different, what with making different choices, but the essentials are still the same. Well, at least it’s not terribly long, unlike WC3 and TFT. I have some chores to do tomorrow, and then I’ll have plenty of time to game it up some more. I probably should log in to WoW tomorrow and at least do my garrison stuff. Ah well, that’s for tomorrow.