A somewhat busy day today.

So, I feel like today has been a long day. It seems like it at least. Had to get up early for Cable’s court appearance this morning. Then back home for a little bit, then back downtown to pick him up. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he didn’t come and find me in the parking garage after he was realeased from jail and done at the probation department. He walked over to the Salvation Army building, which, while not far away, it was damn cold out. So I waited in the garage for a while, then I had to leave to go to my medication review appointment. While I was there, he called me and told me where he was, so after that I had to go pick him up, and then we went over to his mom’s for a few minutes. Then across town back to my place so he could get his clothes and stuff, then back downtown again, so I could drop him off. Then after that, I had to hit the pharmacy to pick up my perscriptions. Then I went to the gas station and got pop and ciigs. That was a lot of stuff for me. So, now I’m finally home and settled in, I think. Anyways, he’s officially in treatment now. He even gets to keep his medication and counseling appointments, which is good. They’ll even transport him, so I don’t have to. It;s looking right now like he will be there for the whole six months, which kinda sucks for me. I suppose that I will have to live with that, though. At least he’s getting the help he needs.