Something to game about.

I got my usual daily quests done today in WoW, and actually finished off one of the mounts. Weirdly, it wasn’t the first one that you acquire, but the fourth, I believe. I’m not sure how that works, but at least I have one done. Only five more to go. I imagine that the rest will be coming up in the next few days, which is rather exciting, but gives me less to do in the game. I suppose I could start queueing up for dungeons, but I’m not big on working with strangers, as I’ve said repeatedly. Besides that, I was going to play Wolfenstein today, but Auren wanted me to read the Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition book, so I’ve been doing that instead. I’m not getting a whole lot out of it, but I haven’t gotten too far yet. It’s kind of a slow read. I suppose at some point I will stop reading and switch over to some video game goodness. We shall see, though.


I know that I mentioned it on Twitter, but the requirement to unlock the level three plans for the Storehouse for the garrison is kinda insane. You have to loot 10,000 gold in Draenor. I think I’m up to something like 350. That’s not a lot compared to the requirement, and I have no idea how it would not be painfully hard to do. Maybe raids drop a good amount of gold? I don’t know. Maybe heroics drop more gold? I also don’t know. And of course, I have to do the stupid silver DPS proving ground to get into heroics, and I just can’t do it. The last wave is way to hard for me to really do anything, much less finish it off. Maybe if I could cast on the move or something like that, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I can’t, at least not for the mostpart. I can still cast shocks, and there’s a skill that lets you cast on the move, but only for like 20 seconds or something like that. These are not enough to do what I need to do. So, I have no idea how I’m going to open up heroics. I suppose maybe I could look something up on the net, but I tried that once and really didn’t find anything. Maybe I’ll try again sometime.