More Valentines Gaming

Well, once I finished up with Hatoful Boyfriend, I decided to order some gyros. Unfortunately, they took two and a half hours to get here. They were tasty, though. I didn’t play anything while I was waiting. Of course, if I had known it was going to take so long, I might have fired something up. Oh well. Anyways, a little bit after I got done eating, I decided to start doing some gaming again. This time, though, I decided to start up Wolfenstein: The New Order. I really like the game so far. I’ve had to redo a couple areas a few times, but nothing too horrible. I’m having a good time with it. I’ve finished up for tonight, though there’s still an hour and a half left in the day for me. I doubt I’ll do any gaming for the rest of the evening, but I expect that I will be spending a bunch of time gaming tomorrow. Also, somewhere during the day today, I did my mount dailies, as usual. I’ll get through them eventually.


What will tomorrow bring? Dailies and Wolfenstein for the most part, I’m sure. Besides that? I don’t know, we shall see.