A bit of gaming today.

Well, time for another post. Heh. This time about gaming. I did my usual mount daily quests today in WoW. I have to admit, the number of them that you have to do for each mount is getting kinda silly. There are still mobs that I haven’t done with any mount, much less all six of them. I think there’s only one that I’ve done on all six. At least, only one that counts for the achievement. There are some that you start out with that aren’t even part of that, which I think is kinda shitty. I’ll get through it at some point, I’m just not sure when that will be. Blah.


I also played some more Orcs Must Die! today. I’m finally through Act 1, but there are two more to go, and it’s getting harder and harder, of course. I haven’t lost yet, but I have the feeling that this will not last forever. I guess we shall see. I do plan on playing for a little bit more tonight, though I’m not sure how much. 


Auren and I were supposed to play some Civ: Beyond Earth tonight, but by the time he actually got online, he was too tired, so that didn’t happen. Whether it happens this weekend or not, I’m not sure. Usually he’s gone for most of the weekend. I suppose we shall see on that. Besides that, I still plan on playing games this weekend. I don’t know what all I will be playing. I know that I will keep doing my dailies, and I will probably try to finish off Orcs Must Die!, but besides that, I’m not sure what else might be coming down the pike for me. I’m sure I’ll figure it out before too long, though.