A bit of both.

So, today has been an interesting day. Cable called me early this morning, wanting to come home. He looked for a ride for a while, and I thought he had one at one point, but I guess that didn’t happen. I ended up getting a ride over there to go get him myself. After that, we got the truck, after going there, then going to the police department to get a release, then going there, then going out to get cash. Then I finally got the truck. Unfortunately, now the windshield is cracked. How, I don’t know, but I don’t like it one bit. Now I have to drive it around like that for a while until I can get it fixed. Blah.


In gaming news, I did the usual mount dailies in WoW. I also went back and finished of Gorgrond, as well. Now I have all the zones done. Well, all of them but Tanaan Jungle, and I’m not sure when that opens. I have to tell you, I’m pretty tired of all the other people in the game. I really wish there was a single player version of it. Or maybe something like Guild Wars where you use your followers as part of a group to go around and do your quests. That would be nice. I would really like that. I also played a little bit of Orcs Must Die! tonight. Not a whole lot, but I got a few more levels done. There’s a lot of them in there, and I have a feeling it’s going to take a while before I get all of them completed. I suppose I could sit down and spend all day playing it. I might do that sometime. I was kinda planning on spending a lot of the weekend gaming, so maybe that will be one of the things that I do. We’ll see. You know, it seems like there was something else I was planning on spending the day playing, at least on Sunday, though now I have no idea what game that was. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something anyways. 


That’s been my day today. A little more exciting than I would have liked, or maybe a little more damaged, but I suppose that’s just my truck. It’s always something.