Some gaming tonight.

Well, I spent a little bit of time tonight playing Orcs Must Die! I stopped doing that for a while to watch NXT Take Over Rival on the WWE Network. After a bit, Auren and I played Civ: Beyond Earth for a couple hours. We still haven’t won the game yet, but we’re getting closer. I’m not sure how much more gaming I will do tonight, maybe some more Orcs, but I’m not sure yet. I mean, I still have three hours to go before bedtime. I also keep thinking about starting a game of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2, but I suppose I should probably finish off Jedi Academy before I start another Star Wars game. I don’t have to, really, but I’ve already got so many games going on, as you know. I really need to knock some of these out. I keep saying that but never doing it. Of course, there are times that I don’t feel like playing, moreso right now. I wish things were all over and done with. Blah. I guess you can’t have everything. 


On a side note, I didn’t notice this earlier, but Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is only .99 on Steam right now. Less than a dollar for a game, go ahead and sign me up. Hehe. Of course, I only noticed because it’s on my wishlist. Well, not anymore.