Some World Of Warcraft.

Today was a WoW kinda day today. I think I played for about 9 or so hours today. Some with Cable and some by myself. I got a lot of quests done, and upgraded one of the buildings in my garrison. I got quite a few stable quests done today. Unfortunately, two of the quests I have are for scenarios, which are small group instance. I really don’t like that too well. I’m not a big fan of people, as you well know, so having to be forced to group up to get stuff done doesn’t generally sit well with me. I suppose I’ll have to take care of them at some point, but…blah. Not my idea of a great time. Maybe I’ll try to do them in the next couple days. We shall see. I suppose it can’t be any worse than when I run instances with Cable, we have to group up with three randoms, and I seem to survive for the most part. It’s too bad I can’t just make a few copies of myself, so that I could just group up with myself. I suppose that sounds a little weird, but it would make my life much easier. Of course, I also wish that they would put out a single player version of WoW, but I doubt that’s going to happen at any time ever.


Yesterday was originally going to be a NWN night, but Auren’s computer for some reason doesn’t seem to like the game very much. Once we finally got it going, he ended up crashing and losing his character, so we kinda gave up at that point and decided to play Civilization: Beyond Earth for a while. It’s a bit confusing, but I am starting to get the hang of it a little bit. We didn’t finish a game or anything like that, but we saved the game, so that we could pick up where we left off. Civ games are ones that you have to plan out multiple hours for before you start, really.


Other than that, there’s not a whole lot else going on right now, we shall see what tomorrow brings.