How annoying.

So, for the past few days, I’ve been having some internet connections problems. Mainly when I want to update the site. Lucky me, it’s not happened while my friend and I have been playing a game. Well, not yet, at least. On two days, it went down at almost the exact same time. I thought that was kind of odd. The second time it came back more quickly, though. It still left me here without a connection for almost an hour. Yes, that’s a long time when your days are based around the internet.


On the bright side, my back is finally feeling better. It was yesterday, too. Took a long time for it to heal up, though. I still wish I knew what I did to it, though I know that’s a question that I can’t answer. I am so glad it’s not hurting anymore. That sucked. 


Let’s see, in gaming news, not a whole lot has gone on. Mostly some 7 Days To Die. I ended up not making furniture the other day. While we were out looting stuff, Auren picked up a bunch of couch pieces and end tables. Then he made me break the carpet pieces out of the floor. Now, I don’t know that we can actually place them down in the base, but that’s not a horrendously big deal, I suppose. We shall see the next time we play, I guess. Of course, I’m not sure when that might be. You see, I made the mistake of bringing up Neverwinter Nights, and now he wants to play that. So, instead of actually gaming last night, we had a session of install NWN and hope to find the patch somewhere. Thankfully, some nice person uploaded all the official patches onto the Neverwinter Vault. So, I guess for at least the next little bit we will be playing that instead of 7DtD or Torchlight II or Borderlands 2 or Baldur’s Gate. Seems like there may be one more game that we also have something started in, but I can’t be sure. The games run together sometimes.


Other than that, it’s been mostly quiet around here, which is never a bad thing.