Got in a couple hours of playing today.

My friend and I sat down and played some Torchlight II today. We started new characters with classes from the Awesome Classes Reborn mod on the Steam Workshop. I’m a Dread Pirate, and if I remember right, he chose a Dragoon. I’ve mostly been putting points into my passive skills. I really should take a closer look at the active skills, but from what I’ve seen, they’re a little underwhelming. I suppose part of that is that I’m not using the correct weapon type right now. And, of course, playing with custom classes kinda makes me want to build one of my own, but I would have no idea where to start. Maybe I’ll look into that sometime, but who knows. It’s not a game we play a lot, and who knows how much we might play it after we actually beat the game. It’s a thought. Just like a lot of the other ones in my head, it’s a nice thought, but I should probably just let it go. I’m still hoping for a big million dollar idea to pop into my head. Maybe someday. Of course, being that my only real skills are computer/network engineering and sitting on my ass playing video games, making an idea into a reality won’t be easy, even if I come up with one.


On the bright side this evening, my back is feeling a bit better. I took more ibuprofen a bit over an hour ago, and it seems to be helping more. Not enough for the pain to go away, but it’s reduced. But for some reason, tonight my acid is flaring up. I don’t know why. I didn’t eat anything suspect, of course, I haven’t eaten a whole lot today, which may have something to do with it as well. I’ve noticed that before. Oh well.


Besides that, not a whole lot has gone on this evening, though the WWE Network is being horrible again. It’s been really bad the past week. Wish I knew why. It’s spent 10 minutes so far trying to play Royal Rumble 91 and having no luck. I couldn’t even watch this year’s Rumble when it was on, because nothing on the WWE Network would load for me. I’d get a blank page with all the frames there, but no video listings, and no live feed at all. I was not a happy camper. Then they screwed up the Rumble again this year, so on the whole, I guess you could say I was let down, which is a shame, because the Royal Rumble is my favorite PPV of the year. There’s always next year, I suppose. 


Ah well. There’s always tomorrow. Well, usually.