Still not much to report on.

Not a whole lot of gaming going on the past couple days. Really not much of anything. I don’t know if I’m trying to get sick or what, but I have just been so run down the past couple days that I just haven’t wanted to do anything. I have to admit that it’s kinda getting to me that I haven’t been gaming much the past few days. I need to work on that at some point. I know there will be some WoW playing when Cable finally comes home. And he’s been talking about getting 7 Days to Die at some point, as well. One thing at a time, I suppose. I really wish I could get into Gat of out Hell, but with the flying missions, I have no idea how I would ever be able to beat the game. I don’t know if it’s the flying or me trying to fly, but either way, I can’t do it. I guess that’s one game that I will never get to finish. Oh well.


So, what will be my next main game, since GooH is out of the question? Not sure yet. I might pick Fantasy Life back up, or I may pick a new game. Not sure what system, yet. I would guess PC, which is where most of my games are, but you never know. I do have games for other systems, after all. We shall see, I suppose. Maybe even Dying Light, since that will be showing up tomorrow. It should have shown up today, but I had to fix something with my order first. I won’t die not having it on day one. Heh.