Some more videos.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I have a few new WoW videos up. Blackwing Lair, Ruins Of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple Of Ahn’Qiraj all recorded today. It was a productive evening, even if I had to try Blackwing Lair three times. Heh.


Also, in other news, I found out how to fix the tunnels in Prison Architect, so I made sure to do that. I also kept playing for a little while, and I swear, every other day the prisoners were rioting. I had a couple days where so many people died, they were threatening to charge me with criminal negligence. Hah. That’s an intersting way of saying game over, I suppose. Hehe. I’m very rapidly running out of room to add on to the prison, so I’m not sure what I’ll do after that. I guess just keep going until I actually lose the game.


That’s pretty much been my day today, besides watching Raw and Smackdown from this past week. Hehe.