So many!

I was just sitting here thinking…I have so many games. SO MANY! According to Steam, I currently have 715 games, plus 62 on my wishlist. Not to mention all the console games that I have, and all the games that aren’t on Steam. And my collection of emulators and roms. I’m never going to get through them all. I’m going to try, though. Oh, am I going to try. I want to. I want to play all the games. Well, maybe not all the games, but all the Steam games, and all my console games, and a bunch of roms, and some of the games that aren’t on Steam. And I want to play more Doom, and I want to play more WoW. And I want to play…well, I want to play so much. I can’t handle the amount of games. It just blows my mind. I can’t deal with it. It’s crazy. I want to play! I want to win! I want to co-op! I want to…well, I don’t want to PvP, really. I’ve never been much of a fan of that, but I will once in a while. I want to be like the old days, where we would four player co-op Doom for hours on end. Not that I have three other people to play with, but I have Cable, and I have Auren, my friend, and maybe that’s enough.