Not up late tonight.

So, I really didn’t do much the rest of the evening, as a matter of fact, I actually fell asleep two times. Probably because I curled up in my blanket and was all warm and snug. I did try the next raid in It’s A Wipe!, and got summarily beaten down. I kind of expected that. Unfortunately, a couple items that would work for everyone dropped, so when I gave it to one person, everyone else in the group got all grumpy about it. More than once. I get the feeling that I’m going to have to use the recruit function again before long. We shall see. I find it interesting that even with new gear, only the tanks are the ones whose HP went up. All the casters and such still have a small amount of HP. I hope that goes up, because they get one-shot right now. Oh well. I also played a little bit of Hospital Tycoon. Not much, just enough to get through the next part of the story. 


Anyways, I’m definitely not staying up late tonight, in fact, I’m thinking about going to bed early. I’m pretty tired, and I took my meds early. I should sleep pretty good tonight, I would imagine.