More gaming stuffs. And something else.

So, more gaming has gone on, of course. My friend and I tried to play 7DtD, but his laptop couldn’t handle it. We ended up playing Torchlight II for a little bit, before he had to go. After that, I fired up Prison Architect for a few hours and worked on my prison. I’m getting there, but I currently only have like half as many cells as inmates, so there’s a bunch of prisoners all stuck in a big holding cell. I’m also having problems feeding everyone. And that’s with 10 cooks and five cooking units. I just can’t make enough. I’m starting to think that I may have to make a second kitchen and hire even more cooks, but space is starting to get low, because the plot of land isn’t all that big. Plus I don’t have a few other things, like a yard, or a laundry, or armory, or…a couple other things. I’d kinda like to have that stuff, but I don’t know if I’ll get to it in this game. I wish there was a way to have more than one level. Maybe that will come further along in development. If not, I suppose it’s not a huge deal, just something that I would like. At least I have a bit of money now. I keep getting riots, though. I think part of that is the fact that not everyone gets fed. I suppose I’d riot, too. And every time there’s a riot, most or all of my guards get killed, so I have to hire new ones. You’d think people would learn not to work there. I even had the warden get killed in one of them, so I’m on my second warden. Not that that really makes a difference, I just find it interesting. After I did that for a while, I dinked around, and then decided to play It’s A Wipe! for a bit. I finally got past the second raid, the first ‘real’ raid after the tutorial. I think that was my fifth try at it. At least I got everyone some gear, and everyone’s morale seems to be doing okay. Yes, that’s a thing in the game. And it goes down when they get passed over for gear. Not all the time, though. If they already have that item, then they don’t really care. I like it. Not sure what I may play this evening, or for how long, since I was up pretty much all night. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Maybe I’ll try the next raid. Or maybe I’ll work on the prison more. 


In other news, I did go out and get my shit done, although I forgot something, so I had to run out again quick. It was just a lighter, nothing special, but without one, it’s hard to light cigs. Also, Cable had court today, and after talking to his public defender, it looks like he’s going to get probation. So, once he gets his 45 days in for the other charge, he should be all set to come home, which will be nice. Things should be all good, as long as he makes sure to keep his nose clean. I think he will, because he really doesn’t want to go back in again. We shall see, though. I can hope.


Not much else going on right now. I should probably do a couple chores tomorrow, but that’s about it, really. I know that’s not terribly exciting. At least I don’t have to go outside. It’s cold out there.