A Fable for y’all.

So, it turns out that Fable: The Lost Chapters is a bit longer than I thought. I thought I was almost at the end, but I have a bit to go still. According to the Boss FAQ that I looked at this first Jack Of Blades fight is really easy. News flash: It’s not. Especially in phase three, when my arrows fail to target him for whatever reason. Also, I was reading the walkthrough that I referenced a few times before, and apparently I’m not good enough at the game on my own or something, because he’s talking about equipment I don’t have, which kinda sucks. I guess that makes things harder for me, but I can live with that. What I couldn’t live with, however, was Danzig deciding it would be a good time to attack my hands. He was such a brat about it, I had to quit the game in the middle of the fight, which is okay, because I think I used too many resources trying to figure out the fight on my own. I wish I knew why my bow wouldn’t target half the time. It’s not like I was detargeting him, but it just didn’t always work. Most annoying. I guess I’ll try again at some point. I don’t know when. Maybe later tonight or maybe some other time. I suppose it depends on how Danzig is acting. I swear, the only time he really does that is when I’m playing a game, and I’m never sure if he’s being shitty or just trying to play. I know it doesn’t help me play a game and I know that it hurts. He even got one of his claws stuck in me. Of course, usually when he does this it’s right before I have to go somewhere, so I end up with chewed up hands wherever I am, all scabby and red and bumpy and shit. I hate that. So far today, Fable is the only game I’ve played. Not sure what the rest of the night will bring, especially since one of my errands yesterday was to go and get a bottle of SoCo. Maybe I’ll just sit here and watch wrestling and do shots. Maybe I’ll do shots and try to play a game. Maybe I’ll record something, I’m just not sure right now. All my raid timers are down, so I may record a WoW video or two. Or maybe I’ll start working on one of my projects. Or maybe not. I’m always so indecisive, which is part of my problem about game playing. I can never decide which game to play, and I end up feeling guilty about playing and not doing something productive, so a lot of the time I don’t play long. Though I seem to be able to sit here on my ass and watch WWE Network fine. Mainly because I’m avoiding everying. Damn Avoidant Personality Disorder.


Also, I got a letter in the mail from ParkCenter saying that they were opening an inpatient service, and that now they would be considered a hospital, and their rates would be split between facility and service. I translated that to mean ‘Our rates are going up, asshole, we hope you like it.’ That is so not something I need. If they start to get expensive, I’ll have to find somewhere else to go, or just suffer without my meds, which would not be good, but I’ve been off them before and the world didn’t end. Of course, everything was a struggle and I was hearing things, but details, I suppose. I don’t like ParkCenter anyways. These are the same assholes that delayed my disability by three years or so just because they couldn’t get off their asses and give me my records. Apparenly I’m not the only one they treat that way. I had to get a lawyer before they would finally do anything, and surprise surprise, I almost immediatly was approved for disability. Me and my therapist had been saying that for years, but the office couldn’t do what they were supposed to. Oh well, that problem was solved a few years ago now. 


When I talked to Cable today, he was not having a good day, but I would imagine that there aren’t a whole lot of good days in prison. On the bright side, he’s only got three more weeks to go. I know damn well that I would do horribly in jail, myself. He’s going to talk to Inmate Mental Health tomorrow, and hopefully they’ll up his meds a little bit, to make things easier. He also said he’s not sleeping again, which sucks. I know how that goes. When we tried to change my sleeping meds, the new ones didn’t work, and I was too stubborn to go back in to PC right away, and so I spent quite some time not sleeping for days at a time, and then randomly falling asleep for eight hours, before spending days awake again. Not sleeping is not good for the brain.


Switching gears, it snowed again today. Twice. Once this morning and once this evening. My truck is all covered with snow again after I got it all cleaned back off yesterday. I am probably going to have to go to the gas station tomorrow, too, so I’ll have to clean off the truck again. I hope it doesn’t snow more. Well, I hope it never snows again, but I live in Indiana and I might as well hope that corn doesn’t grow here. I’ve already told you about the rent being cheap in Fort Hell, but my options for moving are limited to none. Even if I could, there would only be a few places that I would want to go. You see, I’m a city boy at heart, so I’d want to live in a big city. Places like Miami or Vegas or maybe L.A. I wouldn’t want a smaller town, and I wouldn’t want to be in Atlanta. Blah to that. I suppose maybe something like Jacksonville or Tallahasse in Florida wouldn’t be too bad. Or maybe Phoenix out in AZ. San Diego might be a good secondary option to L.A. Things like that. And, of course, those are all places that are much more expensive than here. I also really wouldn’t want to live in Texas. Too close to the Cowboys. Although I could probably live with Houston, only because the Colts would be there once a year. This is all just theorycraft anyways, because the odds of me moving out of Fort Wayne are pretty goddamn low. Oh well.