Wild Card Saturday

Not a whole lot of gaming today, since it’s the playoffs. I watched both games, but then decided to do a little gaming. I played the last part of a level in Jedi Academy, although for some reason Steam didn’t recognize that I was playing, so didn’t count my play time. Very odd. After that, I decided to try out Hospital Tycoon. It’s not too bad. I’ve started going through story mode, but I found out that I can’t watch wrestling at the same time, so I really only played for about an hour. My friend wants me to try out Hotline Miami, which I have, so I may do that at some point in the near future. I also want to spend more time with Lichdom: Battlemage, but I’m kinda waiting until I have a larger space of time, so I can really get into it for a while. Maybe Monday, after I get a few chores done. I also remembered that I need to finish playing Fable – The Lost Chapters. I’d say Jedi Academy, too, but I just played that for the hell of it. I’ve beaten it a couple times already, so it’s no big deal. If I remember right, I’m most of the way through Fable, so I really should get on that at some point. 


In other news, I ordered Pizza Hut today, and it left something to be desired. I got their deal with a one topping medium, boneless wings and a 2 Liter. Once it got here, there was hardly any crust flavoring on the pizza, and they brought me the wrong kind of pop. I asked for Diet Pepsi and got regular. I tried to drink it anyways, but I just couldn’t do it. After drinking diet for so long, regular just didn’t taste good. I suppose I should have called and complained, but I didn’t. Not sure why, I guess I just didn’t want to go through the hassle. Oh well. At least the pizza was pretty good.