In games today…so far.

So, I actually sat down and have played games pretty much all day today. It started out with some Destiny with my friend, and I got up to level 10 with a few story missions. Then I switched over to WoW, and finally found a good strategy to get past Razorgore in Blackwing Lair. The rest of the instance was pretty much easy-cheesy after that. I even had another pet drop while I was in there. Then after that I did some grinding in Destiny and got up to 11. Then I went back to WoW and actually did some questing for a while. I hadn’t done that in some time. It felt pretty good. Hehe. Then I went back to Destiny again, and got a little bit past halfway through 11. I have to admit, Destiny is a good game, but it’s not terribly fun to grind in, because mobs give such low amount of experience. What I was doing was a patrol mission, which seems to never end, you just keep getting little quests to do this or that, and they don’t give much experience, either. I suppose part of that is because it was a level 8 patrol mission, but that’s about all I could do on my own. I can’t do any story missions, because I need to get to level 12 to be able to do the next one on my own, I think, since if I remember right, it’s a level 12 mission. My friend told me that the Strike missions suck, so I didn’t do the one that I’m leveled for. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. He said to do bounties, but two of the five I have are in Strike missions, and the other three are to kill certain kinds of each of the three enemy factions. The third one, I don’t think I can really even do by myself, because they tend to come in large groups. I suppose I could try, the worst that happens is that I die again and again, which isn’t too unusual for me anyways. It’s easy to die in Destiny. But, I haven’t been able to complete any of those three, because the mob types that you need don’t pop up very often, which is probably why you only need 10 each. So, I’m not really sure about doing bounties, either. It’s a shame. I like the game, but for some reason, even though I’ve been able to grind in other games, it’s just not that fun this time. Hopefully we can play for a little while tomorrow, and I suppose I will do more grinding, but I’ll get worn down on it pretty quickly. Of course, when I say quickly, I mean after about four or so hours. Yes, it takes that long to not even get a level when you’re doing patrol missions. At least patrol missions that are a few levels below where you are. I’m not sure what I’ll play next, maybe some more WoW, or maybe start a solo game in 7 Days to Die, or maybe I’ll play something else all together. I have no idea yet, I have to think on it a little bit. I’m sure that whatever I do, I’ll be back to tell you about it.


As a side note, I am not overly fond of the way the site changes from single to double column as you scroll down. I would love to change it, but I haven’t figured out how yet. Maybe it’s only annoying to me, but it seems odd to read the two most recent entries normally, then have to read column one for two articles and then scroll back up and read column two. I hope I can get that changed someday without having to change the theme of the site, because I really like the way it looks besides that. There’s not many gaming themes for Joomla out there, and the non gaming ones are pretty much all not my style. ‘Just create your own,’ you say. Well, I pretty much have no idea how to do that. I suppose I could learn, but that would take quite some time. Maybe I’ll work on that at some point. I guess I can add it to my list of projects that I want to work on, which will make 10 projects. You’d think I’d get on one of them, but right now I want to work on actually playing games for a real length of time. I suppose that’s kinda silly, but games are very important to me. Not just video games; card games and board games are nice, too. I have several different TCGs and quite a few board games, some of which are unfortunately in storage. The biggest being the Pokemon TCG. I couldn’t even tell you how many thousands of cards I have. I believe that I even have somewhere around 100 different decks built right now, not even mentioning all the cards that aren’t in decks. After that is Magic: The Gathering, though I’ve played that less, and have less cards.


I believe that’s all I have for now, but I’ll be back later tonight with another little tidbit or two for you, I’m sure.