Today was a day.

Today was a day, that’s for sure. Not a whole lot went on, but today was visitation day at the jail. Of course, they were over 45 minutes late starting the damn thing, which was really irritating. When they say 5:45 on the schedule, I expect it to be somewhere around 5:45, not 6:30 or so. Fucking idiots. I get the feeling that this is just kinda the way it is around there. Let me tell you what, if I was the jail commander, it surely would work better than that. On the bright side, it’s only every two weeks, and we should only have to go through this two more times. I hope.


In gaming news, I played Mini Metro for a while earlier today. I really like that game, though it’s kinda hard. Still, it’s fun. Also, I fired up the PS4 and finally got around to playing Destiny for a bit. Of course, that was after waiting like an hour for a system update. Then installing the game, then another like three hours or so for a game update. That was annoying as hell. I got up to level five by the time that I decided to stop for the evening. It’s a pretty good game, but being multiplayer, it can get annoying with random people wandering around. Especially when, for some reason, there are high level characters in a low level area. I don’t know why they would be there, but sometimes it made trying to get kills difficult. Also, I tried a patrol mission that said it was level four, but there were mobs in there that were around level eight in some spots. Of course, those were areas that it wanted me to go to. So, I’m not sure what’s up with that. If it’s a level four mission, I expect mobs around level four, not four levels higher, where they can kick my ass in short order. I call bullshit on that. Oh yes! And while I was waiting for the update to download, I pulled out the main 3DS and fired up Pokemon X. After two restarts, eight hyper potions and about twenty Ultra Balls, I finally caught Mewtwo! I have tried several times to do that with no luck. Of course, I always could have used my Master Ball, but I never like using that, because I think there willl be something else that will be more worthy of using it on, but at this point, I think the only thing left that I might need it on, is the other Legendary Pokemon. I assume there are two in the game, that would suck if there’s only one, and I wasted all my time for nothing. I suppose I should look that up. Oh well. Anyways, I guess I will be splitting my time between Destiny and other games. I still have a lot to do in WoW, too. I need to work on getting more garrison resources, so that I can level it up to three. I’m trying to be more picky about which missions I send my followers out on, so I’m not constantly using small amounts of resources to send them out. I think it’s kinda weird that you have to use resources for some of the missions. Well, most of them, except for the ones that give resources as their reward. I wish more would pop up with that. Of course, there are quests that give resources, too. I just have to go do some quests. But then, I’m trying to catch up, most likely unsuccessfully, with my friend in Destiny. 


You know, it’s kinda funny, but it seems to me, that I run across more people in Destiny than I do in WoW. I’m not sure how that works, especially with so many people in the expansion. I suppose Destiny is newer, and has a user base that is a little bit more closely leveled and I have no idea how the areas are instanced. I assume that the areas are instanced…I mean, not per person, but like per number of people or some such. I wish it was per person, or party, but no such luck. More like Guild Wars and less like WoW, I guess is a good example. Speaking of which, I haven’t played that in a long time. I assume that you can still play the first one. I never heard of the servers being shut down or anything like that.


I suppose I will spend a bit more time playing Destiny tomorrow, but tomorrow is also grocery day. Blah. So, I will probably do that fairly early, and then spend a while playing. I may or may not watch the ball drop, but I will have my drink and some foodage. Horray for the last day of 2014. I always hope that the next year will be better, but it always seems to end up being a bit of a disappointment at the end. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. Oh well. I think that’s all the excitement that’s gone on today, so I guess I’ll end it here. Heh.