And a Old One problem.

Well, not a problem anymore. I decided to fire up WoW and while I was on, I decided to head down to Ahn’Qiraj. I ran both the Ruins and the Temple and killed all the bosses but one. Unfortunately, he is a gimmick boss, and I don’t have enough melee damage to defeat him. Oh well, he’s just an optional boss anyways, so it’s not like my progress was stalled. I’ve done Ruins once, a really long time ago, and I don’t remember if we completed it, and I’ve only ever done up to the first boss in the Temple, and we never did beat him. I had to just use Flame Shock on him, because he and his clones would constantly lock down my skills, so all I could do was instants. I suppose I could have used Earth Shock, too, but they’re on the same timer, and Flame Shock has a DoT component, which is handy when I’m just standing around not casting. It was pretty easy overall. I was pretty excited when I took down C’Thun, since he’s an Old God, and used to be a big badass back in the day. Not so much anymore, not at level 100, but it was fun nonetheless. I enjoyed it, and it was a good way to spend some time dicking around. I even completed a couple quests! Well, the ones for turning in Ossirian’s head and C’Thun’s eye. It seems kinda weird shoving this huge eye into my backpack, but it somehow fit. Very weird. I didn’t really get much gold out of it, but it’s not like I really need it right now. Good times.