And drug problems.

So, during the weekend, I called Walmart to get my perscriptions filled. Since it hadn’t been long since I filled them before I got new ones, they won’t fill the new ones right away. So anyways, I do that, and find out that they only have two perscriptions for me, and not the three that they’re supposed to have. So I get those two filled, and call ParkCenter on Tuesday. I forgot Monday, so I had to do it Tuesday. I called them and had to leave a message for the nurses, of course. They never answer the phone. Another thing they don’t do, is call you back, or make sure you’re taken care of in any way. So, now it’s the end of the week, and I still haven’t heard anything. Nothing from ParkCenter, no call from Walmart saying that a perscription is ready, nothing. So now I have to call again on Monday, and get voicemail, and get no reply to my problem again, most likely. And there’s not much else I can do about it, which really sucks. So, I don’t have my Trazodone, which is what helps me sleep, so I’ve had some sleeping issues for the past few days. Well, more than usual, that is. Even with the Trazodone, I don’t really get sleepy, and pretty much never sleep all night. I end up getting up at least once a night, and that’s only amplified by not having my meds. I may end up loopy for a while, while I get used to having less sleep. Blah.