99 and counting!

Well, only to 100, I guess. Anyways, I leveled up to 99 tonight in WoW. I think I’m almost done with Spires Of Arak, which means Nagrand is next. I was never that excited about Nagrand in Outland, and I can’t imagine that I’ll like it much better now. I could always be surprised, though. We will see soon enough.


Also, I played Skyscraper Simulator today. Ehhh…I guess it’s not bad, but I failed out on the first building. Guess I didn’t have enough money to build the building and the equipment. I went bankrupt when the building was about 90% done. I’m not sure that I actually liked it enough to play it again, though. I would almost go as far as saying that I won’t be doing that again, at least not any time soon. Oh well. At least I gave it a fair shake, I think. Not sure what I might replace it with, if anything. I know it’s not one of the games that I wanted to get into, but I was watching football, and thought it would be something that I could play at the same time. I was right about that. Heh.