Tonight tonight.

This is a long night, it seems. I’m just sitting here watching the WWE Network. I don’t feel like playing games. I don’t feel like doing anything, really. My acid is flaring up for some reason. I’ve already taken a couple ranitidine and am about to take a couple more. Then I’ll take two more at bedtime, so I can make it through tonight and tomorrow. Usually two is good enough to do the job, but not always, and apparently not tonight. Depression and acid reflux, or whatever, are both a bitch. 


I suppose part of the reason that I’m so depressed is that I’m alone again. Cable, who has been living with me for a while now, got picked up on a couple warrants the other day, and I’m stuck here by myself again for the time being. Sucks for me. I suppose it sucks worse for him, being jailed and all. You’d think I’d be used to being alone. I’ve lived alone for most of the last six years now. It’s amazing how fast you get used to things, though.


Also, I’ve been trying to check on Danzig’s burns the past couple days, but he is having none of it. I think that one of the scabs is ready to come off, and is partially off already, but I can’t really check. That’s what I get for having a big goof for a cat, though.


I don’t think there’s much else interesting going on right now, besides all my babbling about video games. I’m sure I can find more, though. I think I mentioned that the apartment is finally almost complete. I have one more thing to hang, but I have to go to Menard’s to get a couple things for that. I also need to get some batteries while I’m there. Once that’s done, I can finally be happy with the apartment. Well, until I get an itch to rearrange or something like that. I do want to go and check out the album selection at Half Price Books, so I may end up changing up some of the albums that are hung up at the moment. Some of them won’t change, though. Also, it’s not like I can really rearrange the office, what with one of my monitors mounted to the wall, and the fact that my desk is frigging huge. There’s no other good way to rearrange the office, and the only other place the desk would really fit is in the living room. (I would say the bedroom (other bedroom), too, but that’s pretty much just the same as this room, except a tiny bit bigger. I don’t plan on switching the furniture around in the two rooms, though. That would just be silly. And the living room would have to move into this room, which would not be good either. I’m not even sure that the couch would fit in here. I suppose it would, but not by much. Plus, that would be kinda silly, anyways. So, I suppose the only things that I could really rearrange is the stuff on the walls. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try, though. Heh.


Oh yeah, when I was running Molten Core today, I was trying to record it, and more than halfway through, the power went out for a few seconds, so I lost my recording. I guess I’ll just have to try again next week. I haven’t decided if I’ll put the video on YouTube or not, or just have it here. Of course, to do that, I’ll have to delete some stuff, but you don’t need to worry about any of that. You probably, and shouldn’t, if I’ve done it right, notice at all. 


Okay, I think that I’ve run out of things to say for now, but don’t be surprised if I come back later to babble some more. About video games, probably. Or maybe Danzig, who knows. Heh.