Alpha 10.4

So, Alpha updates have been coming out hot and heavy for 7DtD. Unfortunately, with Alpha 10.4, save games were no longer compatible. That means, of course, that my wonderful home base that I created is all gone. All that hard work, for nothing. I suppose I knew that it would happen at some point anyways, but it still hurts a little bit. So, we started a new game, and we took over something a bit more central in the map, just to make life a bit easier. Granted, it’s in a better spot, but I loved my hand crafted base. Oh well. 


Aside from that, I’ve been doing some more WoW gaming. I’ve soloed a few raid instances, and got stymied in Karazhan by the chess event. I failed that hard. I suppose I should work on that. There are plenty of different ways to solo it, from what I know, but what I did surely didn’t work. I’ll get there, maybe. I hope. Molten Core, Magtheridon and the Black Temple were all easy-cheesy. And I finally got my classic dungeon master achievement, finally. I don’t have classic raider yet, because I still need Blackwing Lair and the Temple of Ahn`Qiraj. (I think that’s how it’s spelled, I don’t really remember.) I’m up to level 98, only two more levels to go, though I am kinda taking my time right now.


Let’s see, in other gaming news, I’ve played Bugbear’s Next Car Game: Wreckfest(A fun demolition derby and racing game), Rock Zombie, Long Live The Queen and some Torchlight II. Not that I’ve done a lot in any of them, Wreckfest is still in Early Access, even. I’m working on keeping my gaming fresh, though. I have a few games that I really want to dig into, but I just haven’t yet, for one reason or another. Hopefully, I can get into them soon.