Today in gaming.

I spent the day playing World Of Warcraft. It was a good day. Heh. I did a lot, and got my shaman, Saradara, up to level 95. Also, my garrison is level two, and I opened up the Mine and the Fishing Shack. I also added the Storehouse. That’s on top of the Inn and the Gem Botique, since I’m a Jewelcrafter. Though, my Jewelcrafting is very low level still. The only profession that isn’t lagging way behind is Mining, and really, that’s behind where I should be, too. Of course, part of that is because I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Pandaria. Not only that, but I decided to have a little fun today, and soloed Molten Core. The whole thing only took about 40 minutes, and the only time I took real damage was when I jumped through some lava to get to a Dark Iron node. I’ll probably do that again once in a while, just because it feels so good to destroy MC after spending SO many hours back in the day raiding it. 


No 7 Days To Die today, but I did get some of that in yesterday. We’re thinking about moving to a new house. Well, maybe not moving, necessarily, but adding it to our holdings. Also, I was able to craft some iron armor for us. Only chest pieces and boots right now, because I don’t have the schematics for the rest yet. I’m really into the crafting right now. We also finally found the other gun store. Of course, they released a new patch a couple days ago, and there’s a couple new store types to be found. I’m not sure how necessary they are, but they could be some good fun. 


Something interesting that I found yesterday, was that Strife was released on Steam by Night Dive Studios. Not only was it released, but it’s been updated a bit. I’m assuming that means it’s a Windows client, but they added a few features that were originally supposed to be in the game that ended up not being in there for whatever reason. I’m looking forward to checking it out.