More gaming goodness.

Did a bit more playing 7DtD today. Generally, when I play, I’m playing with a friend of mine. Don’t think I’ve mentioned that before. Anyways, got some good loot today, and we even put together a couple of sniper rifles, which is pretty awesome. It took the place of my crossbow on my toolbelt. Haven’t gotten to use it yet, but I’m sure that it won’t be long before that. And I finally built the first gun safe for the base today. Took a lot of iron, but the first one is done. I have a plan, just need to get it all finished up.


Also did some World of Warcraft playing today. Finally started on the new expansion, and got up to the point where I now have my garrison started! Very exciting, to me at least. It will be fun to see what this whole thing is about. I think that once I get done or mostly done with Draenor, I will head back to Pandaria and go through more of that. It really didn’t take a whole lot of MoP for me to actually hit 90, so there’s a lot there I haven’t seen yet. 


Last night, I also started playing a new game called Adventurer Manager.  It’s a pretty neat little game, though I haven’t gotten too in depth with it yet. I have a feeling I’ll be playing a little more of that before long, as well. I still have so many other games to play, too. SO MANY!


In other news, I checked, or at least tried to check, the burns on Danzig. They seem to be healing up quite nicely, from what I could tell with him squirming and biting at me. I’ll try to check them again in a day or two.