Another week in paradise.

Or something. Anyways, Danzig had his regular vet appointment, and we found out what the problem with him was. It turns out that he somehow burned himself pretty badly. I am assuming on the stove, since there’s really nothing else he could have done it on. On the bright side, the doc says that they’re healing, which is good. I’m very sad that my little buddy got hurt, though.


Besides that, it’s business as usual. Been playing quite a bit of 7DtD, and I’ve learned some very interesting things. Like, I know quite a bit more about crafting, and what makes what. I also even built a nice shelter. It took a long time to get it as far as I have so far. I should get some screenshots of it, but maybe I’ll wait until I’ve got it finished off. It’s getting there, just not quite where I would like it yet. Not to mention all the trees that I have cut down for wood. Hehe. It’s a nice place, unfortunately it’s on one end of the map, and not more towards the middle. That’s just me being kinda silly at the time, I guess. I should have made it more central, but it’s in a pretty clear location, so that helps. Of course, doing a bit of cooking or forge work will bring out the spider zombies, who will summon a horde in on you. Not too nice, though you can take them out before they do it. I managed to do that all but once, and really, it wasn’t too bad. So much more to work on, and to build, and to do. I really like this game, can you tell?


Not much else going on, but I have a headache, and it’s hard to think, so I may be forgetting something. If I am, I’ll be back. Heh.