7DtD Alpha 10

So, I’ve played the new version of “7 Days To Die” a bit now, and I can’t say that I’m overly excited. I was happy that the doors were getting animations, but I didn’t know they would fuck them all up in the process. Now there are fucking locked doors everywhere. And it seems to me that the doors have too much HP, especially the reinforced doors. It’s a major problem to have to deal with a door at pretty much any time now. If only the auger would show up in the game, then the doors wouldn’t be so bad. They’d still be bad, just not as much. 


I suppose if that’s really the biggest complaint, that would be okay, but they also added a bunch of crap to the locker loot lists, which means that now guns and ammo hardly show up at all. You can get a shitload of tank tops, though. Now the high school in Navezgane is a pile of crap, instead of a place to go to get set up. I suppose the idea of having more clothes isn’t a bad thing, since they show up on the player model now, but did you really have to mess up lockers?


Those are my two big complaints about the new version. I can’t really think of anything else that’s been a pain in the ass in Alpha 10, besides those two things. Although, those two are big enough that they made the game less fun. Hopefully, things will be tweaked around more in the point releases and Alpha 11, assuming there is one. Heh.


Haven’t really done a whole lot of gaming besides 7DtD. A little here, and a little there. I have like a partial hour on a few more games, but nothing to really shout about at this time. Maybe once I get more playing time in on these games I will comment about them. Of course, I have a ton of games to go through. Don’t go by what my Backloggery says about games I haven’t played yet. I haven’t updated that list in a while. Like, a couple years, maybe. I suppose someday I will get inspired and catch the list up. Right now, I just add the games as I beat them, which isn’t exactly the point. Heh.