An update and an idea.

Maybe two ideas? Ehh…jumping ahead of myself, I think. Anyways, I thought it would be nice to actually update the site again. I mean, I only let it sit for months or a year or so at a time. Stupidly enough, it’s because I forget about it. Because I don’t do it every day, and don’t have a habit of going to my own site, I just really never think about it. I need to work on that more.


Finally beat another game, for the first time in quite some time. This time is was “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. I thought it was a pretty good game, and I like the way they transitioned back and forth between fighting and storytelling. Another game that I’ve been getting into, is “Plague Inc.: Evolved”. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be very good at it, as I can’t win. You’d think I’d be good at a game where the goal is to murder the planet. Ah well.


That brings me to another game that I am very fond of, ”7 Days to Die”. It is a survival horror type game, but it’s really fun. It’s billed as a ‘Survival Horde Crafting Game’. Which means zombies and tools! Anyways, I really like this game and it’s still just in Alpha, the game is only going to get better. It’s already deep, and has so much in it. I really like it. Which brings me to my project. I’m thinking about recording some 7DtD videos. I figured just showing some gameplay and things like that. At least at first, and doing some sort of regular type of playthrough once the game is completed. I haven’t decided for sure yet. And it would take quite a few videos just to show stuff off. I mean, I haven’t really even explored the building aspects of crafting yet. I think it may be a fun project, and be something that doesn’t have to have quite so much energy put into it at the start.