More Quiet Time

It’s been quiet around here again, but for good reason. I’ve been working on moving. Well, I suppose I’m technically moved now. Thankfully. I spent quite a bit of time getting packed and all of that. Now I have to work on unpacking, and setting up my office, which I hope to do tomorrow. Didn’t leave a whole lot of time for game playing. It feels good to be out of that pit that I had spent the last three and a half years living in. I mean, the apartment itself was pretty good, but the location was horrible. Not to mention the people. Ugh. I’m glad that part of my life is over. Well…almost. I have to go check the mail once or twice still, since my change of address hasn’t taken effect yet. Can’t happen soon enough for me. Still have to make a couple phone calls to change things up, but I’ll get that taken care of soon enough.