Update From Requiem

Turns out it wasn’t quite as bad as I hoped. At least not with the NPC’s not moving. I was able to get that quest, and another quest, done using console commands to push the quest forward. Worked out quite well. Until I hit Vault 87, that is. I found a new bug that crashes the game when entering the Living Quarters in the Vault. That’s a pretty big showstopper right there. So, I went off and did some other things. I finished up the main FNV storyline. This time with Yes Man. I only have one ending left! After that, I did some random questing and wandering around. I even started on the Honest Hearts DLC, which is where I am now. Although, right now I’m taking a bit of a break from Fallout. I was getting a little burned out on it, I guess. Or maybe I’m trying to keep from getting burned out, not sure which at the moment. No new screenies right now, because I’m bad at remembering to take them when I’m actually doing stuff. Maybe I’ll remember later.