You know, last night I had a big plan for this update I was going to do on Fallout, but some of that has been rendered moot since then. I was originally going to talk about how I had just completed my second run of FNV, and that I wasn’t sure what to do from there. Well, as it turns out, I was able to do both things that I wanted to. This is because I finally got Requiem For The Capital Wasteland installed and working. What that does, is allows you to move from the Mojave to the Capital Wasteland, which is Fallout 3. Yes, that means that I can now play both games from just one executable, and also allows me to use the same character for both!

You see, I was originally unsure whether I wanted to start the solo character that I had been wanting to do, or if I wanted to do a run of Fallout 3. Turns out that I can and am combining the two now. Heh. There are bugs in the mod, of course, but none of them are really showstoppers. At least, not the ones that I’ve come across. I’ve even been able to sort a few of them out, which I thought was pretty groovy. It will be interesting to see how it goes as I get farther into FO3, and moreso when I do the DLC. I’ve never done the DLC for Fallout 3 before, so it will be a fun time.

On top of that, I keep getting ideas for mod stuffs. Mostly for my own benefit, which is what the mod I’ve been working on is for now. It’s definitely not something I would ever release to the public. I’m also thinking of stuff that I would like to add for FO3, in addition to what I’m working on for FNV. It could be fun, though the GECK tends to struggle already. I’m not sure what will happen if I try to bring up both FNV and FO3 in it. I guess we will find out sooner or later. Heh. I’m also thinking about recording my next trip through the game(s). If I do, I’ll post the videos up here, but that’s it. I really doubt I’ll want to put it up on YouTube or some such. But that’s for later, really, since I don’t want to start doing that in the middle of the game. I may post up some stuff about the characters that I’ve done/am doing. I haven’t decided on that yet.